• Delivering healthcare everywhere.

  • Understanding our approach

    This is a new approach to get the very basics right, here are some quick ways to understand it.

    How does it work?

    And is it rocket science?

    It's simple. We've built two technology platforms with a range of global partners, and use this digital platform to help everyday, existing community facilities become access points for healthcare services.


    This includes enabling schools and teachers, shops and shop owners, existing clinics, places of worship, and anywhere else to support their local communities with basic health services - and we support them with call centres and central hubs of clinicians, closely linked to local healthcare providers.


    Oh, and we always make sure this is free for everyone to access. We don't charge patients, clinicians or governments.

    What do your partners gain?

    And why do people want to join you?

    We believe in a fairer world, and we aren't alone. Our partner benefits vary: sometimes it's an individual who can put something great on their CV, and sometimes it's a global charity who can get better information about healthcare needs in rural areas to coordinate a new vaccines programme. Sometimes it's small, sometimes it's big. Ultimately, we look to help a range of organisations deliver services to hard-to-reach communities, and help individuals give back to global society.

    So, who funds you?

    Especially when your core services are free to access?

    We embed our services in areas that have no traditional healthcare. We gather information, and share this with a range of partners to help them coordinate their services, and better serve those most in need. We are powered by digital health, that leads to transformational data and insight.


    We partner with everyone to do this! We are currently working with charities, NGOs, governments, healthcare providers, insurers, nutrition companies and pharmaceutical organisations - all of whom help us deliver targeted services to citizens.

    What do you need?

    And how can I get involved?

    We are always looking for new partners. The core areas we need support in are technology, clinical services, healthcare products and services (treatments, medical technology, health insurance), government and non-profit partners and a whole lot more!


    We are also want to speak to locally-embedded community partners (e.g. charities, NGOs, clinics etc) that we can provide our services to in order to expand their local impact and service offering.
  • Digital health platforms designed for emerging markets

    We've worked with some of the world's best technology organisations to build two platforms designed for low-bandwidth, basic infrastructure and a range of other needs for emerging markets.

    Healthcare support for communities


    Our core platform CURIS provides information, education, self-management, appointment booking, a health record, and a range of other supporting services to low and middle-income communities.

    Helping health workers improve their skills

    MediConnect provides information, education and training for clinicians. Collaboration tools such as forums and group messaging supports on-the-ground decision making.

  • Our projects

    From research, to technology development, to healthcare service delivery. Regardless of the project type, everything we do is always to support marginalised groups access basic healthcare services.

    The Philippines: Project ECHO

    Delivering healthcare everywhere.

    Working with government, technology suppliers, healthcare providers, professional services companies, insurers and the pharmaceutical industry we are looking to help new and underserved regions in the Philippines reuse their existing community assets, such as schools and shops, to provide basic access points for healthcare services, connecting them to local clinics and hospitals when required.


    We share the insight we gain with our partners to help them better serve these communities, and actively empower local government services.


    Want to know more, request our fact sheet.

    Integrating healthcare finance

    Public-Private-Patient Payment Partnerships.

    Sustainable financing is key for healthcare systems, and limiting out-of-pocket expenses is essential. We are creating an integrated finance model, where existing public-financed healthcare services can be 'topped up' with private, community-led, group health insurance policies based on wholesale-priced pharmaceutical products.


    By working differently with new partners, we are creating a multi-payer financing model for the poorest sectors of society - leveraging at-scale purchasing to help create a more sustainable cost base, and focussing on community led distribution to keep operational overheads affordable. This will help citizens manage their healthcare costs sustainably.

    Making safe decisions

    Research-led patient safety.

    Engaging in digital service models can incur patient safety risk: for people who have accessed healthcare through traditional channels (or not accessed healthcare at all), will they make safe decisions when reviewing digital content for the first time?


    We wanted to find out, so are running a research-led project to disseminate various types of healthcare content to a representative sample group, gather their feedback, but also conduct scenario-based case studies to understand what decisions are made, and if the content is impactful and understandable.

    Coordinating care

    A new platform.

    Coordinating care across multiple healthcare providers is an issue all over the world. Multiple technology systems and disparate processes will always lead to an organisation-focussed view of a patient's care. But how can this be changed?


    We are working with a leading Singapore-based home care charity to build a new platform to solve this problem. By using a well-designed, simple and intuitive digital platform we will enhance communication, patient-led collaboration and information sharing in a community care setting, ensuring patient experience is maximised and hopefully saving some money too.

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