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AWH at Health Insurance Asia

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Digital health alone is not going to answer the problems faced by many millions of people that can’t access healthcare services – sustainable financing is also key, and a critical pillar of the World Health Organisation’s Universal Health Coverage (UHC) goals.


Knowing this, Allied World Healthcare (AWH) has devised a brand new concept for public-private-patient payment partnerships – harnessing existing publicly-funded services in the Philippines, alongside a range of partner services, which is wrapped in a group insurance policy held by AWH to give a single and well-integrated view of financing which minimises catastrophic out-of-pocket patient expenditures.


Following a review with a number of key, market-leading insurers at both a national and global level, AWH was invited to present their concept and work at Health Insurance Asia – a leading conference for Health Insurance in Singapore.


Edward Booty, CEO of AWH, presented on how to bring healthcare technology and wellness closer together, showcasing parts of the AWH Curis platform, as well as the new conceptual model for insurance provision in emerging markets that the AWH team has created.


The event overall was excelled, and Edward said “Congratulations to IBC Asia on a great event that truly integrated digital healthcare alongside healthcare insurance. I enjoyed the two days, and it was great that Jim, our CTO, presented at the Digital Health Asia conference too. We look forward to next year!”

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