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Delivering better healthcare in Cuartero and Guimbal, Philippines

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From 19th to 23rd of March 2018, Allied World Healthcare (AWH) successfully launched their healthcare access services in six new communities in disconnected, underserved communities across Cuartero, Capiz and Guimbal, Iloilo in the Philippines.

AWH hired several people to be Community Access Managers who will continue to champion Curis and other services in their respective communities, giving local people jobs and income.

With the help of our new CAMs, three disconnected barangays (villages) on the outskirts of Cuartero, Capiz can now benefit from access to basic healthcare support, appointment booking and access to essential local health services that are currently out of reach. The events were well-attended, with CAMs starting to onboard their fellow residents with the help of the barangay leadership team and the rural health unit.

All these new communites have low or no mobile data connectivity and are two hours away from the nearest healthcare provider or pharmacies (if they have transport, which many do not). If not, patients will have to catch the once-a-day public transport to and from their communities.

Additionally, in partnership with Guimbal local government unit and Seaoil Foundation, AWH has started a brand new project to help understand the complex needs of senior citizens in the Guimbal area. With the help of a team of University of the Philippines students, and aligning to a local government unit (LGU) programme for senior citizens, AWH will profile the needs throughout the community and work with local health leaders to design data-driven decision making and outreach programmes. This will transform how LGU in further extending their reach and services to the senior citizens of Guimbal.

This a big leap forward for AWH fulfilling its mission to deliver healthcare, everywhere. On April, more disconnected communities will benefit with the services that the organization has to offer.

For partnerships, please contact or message us through our social media accounts: or Twitter: @allworldhealth.

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