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Expanding in Visayas, Philippines

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As Allied World Healthcare (AWH) continues to enable a better digital healthcare system in the Philippines, the team expanded into Western Visayas specifically in Panay Island.

Young and passionate Anj Estrella joined the growing team of AWH, having left the Department of Health. As she was born and raised in Iloilo, she is well-versed on the culture and language of the area which streamlines partner and community engagement throughout the region.

When asked on why she decided to be part of AWH’s vision, she said “I became interested as soon as I saw the job ad, then much more when I started learning about the organization. It’s like I get to marry the things I am passionate about and things I want to learn more.”

Her fluency in the local language and knowledge of the communities are proving hugely valuable in understanding and tailoring grassroots communications in the area, hence making community members more accepting of the services that AWH offers.

Currently, Anj handles all AWH project sites in Visayas. For those residing in Western Visayas and keen to join AWH, please send your curriculum vitae and cover letter at

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