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AWH goes to Pasil, Kalinga

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Allied World Healthcare held its first kick-off sign up event for Pasil last August 31 to September 1, 2017 at Brgy. Guina-ang Pasil, Kalinga.

In partnership with the local rural health unit (RHU) and the local government unit, AWH was able to successfully create health profiles for the residents of Guina-ang over a the two-day sign up event.

Community members of varying age – from 90 years old to toddlers—came to experience the first launching of the organization’s community support service and technology platform, Curis – a market-leading digital health system designed specifically for emerging markets, and aims to complement local health units of communities in-need in profiling and looking-over the community members’ health related needs.

The technology and all equipments needed were given and being maintained free by AWH. Local nurses and health workers were also trained to use the healthcare platform, and gave additional support in profiling the residents that attended the event.

And to ensure that all community members who were not able to drop by the event will still have a chance to use Curis, AWH hired two local ‘Community Access Managers’ (CAMs), Felix and Marvie, to work with the community to further understand their healthcare needs – with a target to finish profiling the entire community by the end of the month. The CAMs are paid and trained by AWH and are provided with all necessary equipment.

Edward Booty, CEO of Allied World Healthcare, said “This truly was a show of how true partnership between AWH and government can yield great results for communities that need improved healthcare support. It was amazing to have such solid support from the Mayor from the outset, and then the AWH team worked so well with the local healthcare workers – it truly was a great start to our partnership, and I look forward to the future phases of work in Kalinga and throughout the Philippines”

This was a highly successful and progressive step in AWH’s mission and aim to provide quality healthcare everywhere in the Philippines.

Chumilang, Pasil!

AWH Team with the local healthcare volunteers of Pasil, Kalinga
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