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We're in the Philippines!

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We are excited to announce a new phase in Allied World Healthcare’s (AWH) development, having signed a flagship with new client and project to expand within the Philippines!


AWH is also working with a number of world-leading organizations, spanning government and non-profit and a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer.


As part of the initial phase of work, which sees AWH opening an office and growing a team in the Philippines, the focus will be on stakeholder engagement, design of a local service model, identifying launch sites and creating a business case that outlines the benefits across the new public-private partnership model that AWH is creating then implementing.


Initial support for the project has been exciting and broad reaching, with a number of local and multilateral organisations already engaged and inputting to the ongoing design phase of work.


This is an important first step in AWH’s expansion in the region, and will be followed by a larger implementation phase of work from the middle of 2018.


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