• Delivering Healthcare, Everywhere

  • We understand community needs, THEN design services to improve access, COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT and healthcare quality.

    By creating insight about the needs of communities that currently cannot access healthcare, we can then work with local government to provide data-driven service design, community engagement and support; integrating private sector when required to enable a complete, high quality and patient-centric service.

    Community Engagement and Insights

    We run health events, profiling community health needs and help bring local services to disconnected areas - employing local members of the public ('Access Managers') to coordinate our service at a grassroots level.

    Health Events and Outreach

    Based on our insights about community health needs, we run a range of health events, door-to-door interventions and other public health programmes to proactively engage people to manage their own healthcare.

    Healthcare Access Support


    We manage 'Access Stations' as fixed points in underserved communities, providing access to healthcare support, products and services.

    Health Worker Training

    We empower local health systems, and train health workers in digital platforms, new public health strategy, and modern health trends.

    Procurement and Distribution

    We work actively with non-profits and private sector to buy and distribute products, filling the gaps in patient journeys.

  • Our projects

    From research, to technology development, to healthcare service delivery. Regardless of the project type, everything we do supports underserved groups access essential healthcare services.

    Project ECHO

    Delivering healthcare everywhere.

    Working with government, technology suppliers, healthcare providers, professional services companies, insurers and the pharmaceutical industry we are looking to help underserved regions in the Philippines access a complete healthcare service.


    We are empowering local government with our services, and connecting those most in need through innovative public-private partnerships. This is our pioneer market that continues to grow.

    Integrated finance

    Public-Private-Patient Payments.

    Sustainable financing is key for healthcare systems, and limiting out-of-pocket expenses is essential. We are creating an integrated finance model, where existing public-financed healthcare services can be 'topped up' with private, community-led, group health insurance policies based on wholesale-priced pharmaceutical products.


    By working differently with new partners, we are creating a multi-payer financing model for the poorest sectors of society.

    Making safe decisions

    Research-led patient safety.

    Engaging in digital service models can incur patient safety risk: for people who have accessed healthcare through traditional channels (or not accessed healthcare at all), will they make safe decisions when using digital for the first time?


    We ran a research-led project to disseminate various types of healthcare content to a representative sample group, gathering feedback, and conducting scenario-based case studies to see if safe decisions are made.

    Coordinating care

    Enabling patient choice.

    Coordinating care across multiple healthcare providers is an issue all over the world. Multiple technology systems and disparate processes will always lead to an organisation-focussed view of a patient's care. But how can this be changed?


    We are working with a leading home care charity to build a new platform to solve this problem. By using a well-designed, simple and intuitive digital platform we are enhancing communication, patient-led collaboration and information sharing in a community care setting, ensuring patient experience is maximised and with cost savings too.

    Continuing Cambodia

    Expanding our reach.

    Following our work in the Philippines, Allied World Healthcare has launched in Cambodia. We plan to take the same community-led approach to support communities and local government in Siem Reap province, and connect communities to local services through Curis; working alongside a local charity.


    To do this, we have translated all our technology, materials and other documents; as well as sourced local partners, communities to work with and funding. Our service delivery was launched just this September 2018 in the first village we are working with!

    Going the extra mile

    Last-mile distribution.

    Healthcare services don't reach far enough into poor communities. Fact.


    We ran a research project to understand healthcare needs and local 'facility mapping' to define the core gaps in healthcare access.


    Now, working with the local government, supply chain partners and large pharmaceutical companies we are looking to bulk-buy and distribute products back to the communities; creating a digital-led supply chain stretching the last mile. These products aren't free, but are very affordable and fill the gaps in existing government health support.

  • Digital health platforms designed for emerging markets

    We've worked with some of the world's best technology organisations to build platforms designed for low-bandwidth, basic infrastructure and lower familiarity with digital services.

    Health Access and Support

    Connecting rural communities.

    Our core platform, Curis, provides information, education, connection to health workers, a health record, and a range of other supporting services; fully offline on low-spec devices.

    Health Worker Education

    Strengthening health systems.

    MediConnect provides information, education and training for health workers, and collaboration tools such as forums and group chat to support on-the-ground decision making.

    Marketplace and Care Planning

    Product ordering and payments.

    A marketplace of government, non-profit and private sector services made available to our communities through our team of Access Managers and local partners.

    Last-mile Distribution and Logistics

    Supply chain and logistics.

    Inventory management, supply chain, distribution and delivery coordination to deliver essential products and services where they currently don't reach.

    Data, Reporting and Insights

    Understanding healthcare needs.

    Data integration & management (HL7, FHIR), dashboards, analytics and real-time insight across our platforms; informing our service delivery plans.

    Family Financing and Payments

    Innovative funding integration.

    Many Filipinos work overseas to support their families; Pamilya.Support allows direct purchasing of health products for their loved ones at home.

  • Our Team

    With growing team based across Europe and Asia, we strive to connect underserved communities to essential healthcare support.



    Determined to connect the poorest people on our planet to essential healthcare.



    Delivering technology for rural healthcare access and system strengthening.



    Building offline-first apps; focussing on Android Curis and back-end development.



    Leading community engagement and project delivery in central Philippines.



    Data science and analytics lead, creating actionable insights for service delivery.



    Supporting operations and managing our growing Access Manager team in communities.



    User experience, user interfaces, front-end and web development for all our apps.



    Managing platforms, servers, code deployment, security, infrastructure, and networks.



    Managing innovative future technology projects so we stay ahead of the game.



    Supporting Android & web development, and software testing of Curis.



    Leading community engagement, researches, and project delivery in Cambodia.



    Managing training, helpdesk, and our digital devices in Cambodia.



    Leading grassroots and high-level research, and core strategic initiatives.



    Leading our work in Cambodia and regional operations and governance.



    Supporting administration, compliance and other key internal functions.



    Managing recruitment, human resources and finance functions.



    Community engagement, research and partnership projects.



    Managing distribution of partner products to our communities



    Overseeing ordering and delivery of medicines in our communities



    Building Curis platform and external alerts and reminders service



    Developing our marketplace and supply chain technology and payments integrations



    Multimedia design and overall marketing support and branding activities



    Supporting next-gen engineering products, especially integration to external partner platforms



    Analysing our data, ensuring quality, and creating reports to help us target programs



    Managing our Philippines help desk, IT training activities. and field-based digital devices.

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    This is a new approach to get the very basics right. Here are some quick ways to understand it through answering the main six questions we get asked.

    How does it work?

    And is it rocket science?

    It's simple. We've built technology platforms with a range of global partners, and use this digital platform to help everyday, existing community members and facilities become access points for healthcare services.


    We train local community members to support their local community access healthcare services, information and other services - connecting them to government facilities and a range of partner products.

    What do partners get?

    Why do people want to join you?

    We believe in a fairer world, and we aren't alone. Our partner benefits vary: sometimes it's an individual who can put something great on their CV, and sometimes it's a global charity who can get better information about healthcare needs in rural areas to coordinate a new vaccines programme. Sometimes it's small, sometimes it's big. Ultimately, we look to help a range of organisations deliver services to hard-to-reach communities, and help individuals give back to global society.

    So, who funds you...?

    ...when the core services are free?

    We embed our services in areas that have no traditional healthcare. We gather information, and share this with a range of partners to help them coordinate their services, and better serve those most in need. We are powered by digital health, that leads to transformational data and insight.


    We conduct consulting activities based on our knowledge to provide insight to our partners; from government, to space agencies, to global charities and private sector.

    Rural health tech?!

    How does that even work?!

    Sure, sounds a bit crazy. We have had to try this three times to get it right! Failure is always an option.


    Our apps work offline, with periodic sync. We have an Implementation team that goes out to our partner communities and trains our Access Managers. They go to get signal about once a week to sync data, or they can 'peer-to-peer' sync between devices to ensure core application data is shared. And, it's all fully encrypted and secure.

    What are your plans?

    What's next?

    We work in South East Asia and use our offline-first apps to connect rural populations to basic health support and partner services.


    We will continue to grow our network and offer more products at affordable, discounted rates. We plan to scale throughout Asia and use our data and insight to define what communities need most, and then be dynamic and reactive to design and deploy new support services and grow further.

    What do you need?

    And how can I get involved?

    We are always looking for new partners. The core areas we need support in are technology, clinical services, healthcare products and services (treatments, medical technology, health insurance), government and non-profit partners and a whole lot more!


    We are also want to speak to locally-embedded community partners (e.g. charities, NGOs, clinics etc).
    Get in touch! :-)
  • We are hiring!

    Help us change the world.

    Software Engineer

    Bleeding-edge technologists.

    We are using a modern technology stack, and need more developers in the Philippines and Cambodia!

    Projects & Fieldwork

    Implementing our services.

    Do you love working in rural areas? We need Project Managers, nurses and events managers across Asia.


    Supply chain and logistics.

    Procuring partner products and services then managing supply chain networks across South East Asia.

    Strategy & Growth

    Growth, funding, market access.

    Building partnerships, modelling, marketing, policy research and new service design to keep us growing.


    Building a scalable health machine.

    We are growing fast, and need finance, HR and operations to keep us going, and manage our field staff.


    We are always hiring

    Interns, marketing, mechanical engineers? Volunteers? Doctors? Yes! JoinUs@alliedworld.healthcare

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